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What types of music do you play?

We play great dance music of many styles and genres.  The most requested songs that people like to sing and dance to.  
Pop, Rock, Jazz, Swing, Motown, Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Beach, Country, and retro hits of many genres!  Check out our
song list page for our current play list... but keep in mind it's not our complete library.  We have many hundreds of songs
we've done for other events in the past, and can still do if requested!  There is a good chance we've done your favorites

Can I choose the songs I want you to play… or do you pick them?

We prefer your input!  It’s your event!  You can leave it entirely up to us or you can certainly choose the songs you want
to hear from our great song list.  You select the songs you love, songs you feel your guests will like, songs you do not
want played, etc.  Once we get your selections back, we will put together a crowd pleasing set list that is sure to
entertain, based on your choices and our recommendations from our experience of what goes over well at events similar
to yours!

I don't see my favorite song on your list; can I request special songs for my event?

Yes you can!  We pride ourselves on learning new material and playing it great!  Our pricing includes learning 2 new
songs for you at no charge.  If you choose a song that does not fit our musical style and instrumentation, we will be happy
to play a recorded version for you “DJ” Style during a break… but that rarely happens!

Will you adjust your sound volume to fit my type of event?

There is nothing more annoying than a band that is too loud, or can't be heard. We have 3 PA systems and dozens of
possibly configurations, from small to X-large, and we select the most appropriate sound system setup and volume level
for each venue and circumstance.  Each system can also have the volume adjusted to the appropriate level.  Please
check with us if you have specific concerns about sound…. But we have never had a complaint and we know how to
properly size the venue with our equipment; and more importantly, we know how to adjust our volume accordingly.

What electrical needs will the band have?

Coastal Breeze requires a minimum of four 20-amp circuits (standard wall outlets in most modern facilities) dedicated
solely for band use. The outlets need to be within 50 feet of the stage area. This should not be a problem in most modern
facilities.  Power receptacles or a power generator must be provided by the client for any outdoor event.  A generator
can be provided by the band for an additional fee.  Power requirements for large concerts will need to be discussed

What other considerations are needed for the band?

For outdoor events a level stage, riser, or hard floor under a tent or roof (or appropriate cover) is required (we can
provide our own tents or staging for an additional fee).  Our gear must be kept out of rain and direct sunlight!  We have
invested thousands of dollars into our equipment and we must protect it.

We also need a performance area large enough for us and our gear.  A suggested size is 12' Deep x 20' wide.  We can fit
into smaller spaces but it changes our stage setup, so please let us know if you have space concerns.  We've fit into
some tiny places!

Do we need to provide the band with food and beverages?

The band is always thankful when provided food and beverages, however it is not a requirement unless it was part of the
negotiated deal.  Please advise if the band will or will not be provided food and beverages when negotiating pricing!  

Can the band help us with special announcements, etc. during the event?

Yes, we will be glad to make announcements. We announce wedding parties and generally keep your guests informed
about the events taking place during the event... and we never crack cheesy jokes or make rude remarks!  

Can I make announcements, presentations, toasts, etc.?

Yes, we always have a microphone available for you and your guests to make announcements, presentations, toasts, etc.
If you have any questions, please contact us.

Can a friend come up and sing or play an instrument?  

We welcome your guests to come up and sing a song as long as you have advised us in advance so we can work out the
arrangement with the performer.  For liability issues with our insurance policy, we do not allow anyone to play our
instruments.  However, we welcome your guests if they wish to bring their own gear and would be happy to work out any
special arrangements with them.  This must be arranged in advance.   

Any other questions?  Just send us a text or give us a call @ 803-414-0111
or drop an email to
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