Audio and Video Samples
Click Here to open a printable songlist in PDF format.  New songs are added frequently as we
learn them!  If your favorite song is not listed, just ask us for it!  
A Shag classic from the Showmen!  
Bill Withers classic soul ballad!  (Belly Rubbin' time!)
The Temptations classic... and a crowd favorite!  
The smash Country-Pop hit from Lonestar!  
Etta James torch song and one of the most requested first dances!  
The King of Pop is alive and well as long as we're playing music!    
Van Morrison's crowd favorite!
Gotta love The Chairmen of the Board... CAROLINA SHAG CLASSIC!
Norah Jones jazzy pop blockbuster hit
The ultimate boy meets girl rock song... a sure crowd favorite!!!     
Lionel Richie and the Commodores would be proud!  (Live at Finlay Park Summer Concert Series)
Rock fans... Average bands can't play this one!  And this is us doing it live!  Kyle on the Moog... gotta love it!  (Live at Finlay Park Summer Concert Series)
Jerry Lee Lewis Classic (and he probably wasn't singing about his cousin!)
King Floyd and the band laid down a great groove for this soul hit!  One of Joey's favorite grooves!
Our version is a mix between the hits by Otis Reading and The Black Crowes!
Sam and Dave soul classic!  In a CB funky groove style!
When you gotta have the limbo, there is no better song for it!  
The Godfather of Soul would be proud of this soul classic! HEEEYYY!!!  One of Joe's favorites!
The Monkees are misunderstood geniuses!  And thanks to Shrek for making this one popular again!
The Beatles knew what dance tunes were all about!  This is fun to play and to dance to!
A jazz instrumental (live at Finlay Park Summer Concert Series)
A classic from Billy Joel... this one makes our drummer Jay cry for some reason!
Eddie Floyd's Soul hit... Coastal Breeze style!
The Doobie Brothers classic that has to have more cowbell and funky fresh guitar riffs by Chuck!
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere!  Parrotheads unite!  
Spiral Starecase wrote this on the West Coast, but we love to shag to it here on the East Coast!
Spyro Gyra's commercial jazz hit is fun to play and to listen to!  (Great for cocktail hours and concerts!)
Soul Classic that every band plays because it grooves, the audience likes it, and it's a fun song!  
Looking for more belly rubbin' love songs?  Look no further!
The Temptations strike again with this Motown classic!  
Lady Antebellum's #1 smash hit... and yes... that's Lady A's Charles Kelley singing with the CB Band!  (picture)
Prince would be proud of our version of this classic!  
This is a classic love song... done Coastal Breeze style!
Pink asks you to Raise you glass to celebrate!  We agree with her!    
Earth, Wind and Fire + Coastal Breeze = One storm of a song to get the dance floor hopping!  
Otis Reading's soul classic done CB style!
When you gotta have some red-hot blues.... CB can bring it!   (Live at Finlay Park Summer Concert Series)
The Catalinas popular Carolina shag favorite!  
Neil Diamond Classic
Ole' Blue Eyes himself would be envious of the CB version.  He'd probably try to whack Joey if he were still alive!
Bruno Mars party favorite!  
OK... so the 80's music is still fun to play and popular.... Don't hate us because we can jam!
A shag wedding classic!  Because we can and people ask for it!
Dress up like an indian chief, cop, or construction worker if that's what it takes to get your groove on... we won't judge!
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Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley sings with the
Coastal Breeze Band at a rehearsal dinner in
Augusta Georgia.  Charles is a great talent and
nice guy too!