By day, he's beating the streets as
a mild mannered salesman for a
local supply company, by night
he's beating the drums and
keeping the groove on the dance
Jay Jenny
Jay is our resident ragin-cajin!  Jay was born in New
Orleans, La., and began his musical adventure under the
influence of the Big Easy's world famous music scene.

When Jay was a young boy, his father gave him his first
drum and he beat it until he wore it out!  Jay's dad realized
his son had a gift and got him a drum set and he's been
rockin' the beat ever since.

Jay eventually migrated to South Carolina where he has
been fortunate to have played with many fabulous groups
over the years to develop his style and skills including
THE COLUMBIANS with Big George Collier known as THE

Jay has shared the stage with other great musicians
including Greg Allman in Macon, GA., where Greg had a
group called COWBOY.  Jay is a performing musician as
well as a studio recording musician of various styles!

Jay has been full time with Coastal Breeze for over 6
years now and his drum technique has helped redefine
the Coastal Breeze signature sound!
Jay Jenny  
Drums, Percussion
Caricatures by AJ Jensen and the Toon Headz
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